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The Get Green Solution

Home performance can be measured in a multitude of ways. Get Green Remodeling takes a “whole home” approach incorporating our cutting edge knowledge in building science, energy performance and sustainable building to create a fully customized solution to the inefficiencies in your home. Our Goal is to save you 30- 50% of your home energy costs.

Our home performance audit gathers the information and finds the inefficiencies; the Get Green Report lays out your homes specific plan to reduce your home energy bills and increase your comfort and safety; and the Get Green Remodel performed by our team of professionals will ensure your home meets and exceeds the expectations!

How it’s done:

  1. Home Performance Audit
  2. Get Green Analysis
  3. Get Green Performance Remodel

1. Home Performance Audit:
Get Green Remodeling employs certified home performance analysts and raters, proficient in building science, energy performance and home health and safety. Our specialists will inspect the many critical home systems including, heating and cooling; insulation; indoor air pollution, including mold and mildew; air leaks and heat flow issues; a thorough review of the energy efficiency of appliances, lighting, and more.

2. Get Green Analysis
Once our team has an understanding of your homes inefficiencies , we will provide you will a detailed customized report laying out the strategy to bring your home to the goal of optimum efficiency, health and safety. The report will describe in detail areas of wasted energy, flawed construction, replacement of windows if necessary, areas of poor insulation and inefficient air flow.

Using the industry standards, such as the Building Performance Institute, cutting edge tools and diagnostic equipment, out team will have uncovered the problems and the Get Green Analysis report will provided you with the solutions.

We believe it is important to note our Home Performance Audit and Get Green Analysis is a stand alone for hire service with a goal to educate the homeowner and provide the a set of recommended solutions; there is no obligation to move forward with the Get Green Performance Remodel as recommended.

3. Get Green Performance Remodel
With our report in hand, the highly skilled craftsman and contractors will move forward toward making your remodel a reality. We will seal the leaks and penetrations throughout your home systems, replace appliances, install new windows, replace lighting to meet or exceed title 24 requirements. We strive to be a one stop solutions to all of your remodel needs including water filtration, HVAC and filtration systems, even Solar (PV) home systems. Our team is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Our project managers will ensure your Get Green Remodel is performed exactly as our report laid out. Our mission is to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

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