Whole Home Approach

The major systems in a home, heating, cooling, renewables, are most effective when they are designed to work with the building basics, insulation and air sealing, the major components and well designed distribution.

Building Fundamentals

  • The outside shell of your home, (roof, walls, doors, windows, and floors) form an envelope separating the outdoors and can protect it from hot, cold, or dirty air.
  • A sealed thermal (well insulated) envelope and proper ventilation will stop dust, mold, and allergens from accumulating in the first place, meaning cleaner, healthier air
  • Increases in the performance the envelope can positively decrease the need for space conditioning from your homes heating and air conditioning systems. A good thermal envelope can help reduce you energy consumption, create healthier indoor air quality and keep your energy costs down!

Major Components and Systems

  • The systems in your home used to condition the inside space. The heating and cooling appliances! (i.e., furnace, wall heater, air conditioner, heat pump, etc.)
  • A well designed and constructed air distribution system (or ducting) helps air conditioners and furnaces get the right amount of warm or cool air to the places that need it.
  • Whole house filtration systems provide clean, filtered air through the ducting system of you home!

The Whole House Approach

Inefficient and poorly designed installed systems (such as those in houses either built before modern energy efficiency standards or without an understanding of building science) can give the impression that the problem must be with the technology itself. For example, forced air systems are sometimes viewed as loud, unclean, and inefficient systems. However, these perceptions are more a reflection of the failure to correctly implement and coordinate all the components which come together to make the home a system.
When designed, installed and commissioned properly (with furnace, air filtration, air conditioner, ducts, and registers), forced air can be a system which is comfortable, energy efficient, and provides healthy indoor air quality. If such a system is installed within an efficient building envelope, it creates a package which works better than the sum of its parts. Adding renewables to such a home can produce a healthy, zero net energy home.

What We Do

The first step in our process is a Home Energy Audit performed by an expert in building science. After the audit, you’ll receive a complete report that shows you how your house is performing and what you need to do to bring your home up to today’s standards of comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Your audit report includes a customized roadmap to prioritize any energy remodeling work that may be indicated.

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