Causes of erection problems

The male genital system is considered to be less delicate and sensitive than the female one, but that doesn’t mean that everything is simple there. Several parts of the body are involved in erection and orgasm:

  • brain – it sends signals;
  • hormones, which determine libido levels;
  • nerve fibers that transmit signals from the brain;
  • blood vessels that supply the penis with blood.

If one of the systems is out of order, the whole chain collapses. According to this principle, erectile dysfunction in men is divided into several types. Depending on the cause, there are organic, psychogenic and mixed impotence. If you are looking for effective medications for problems with potency, visit

  • Organic – the result of improper functioning of internal organs or congenital diseases. It occurs gradually and can develop into a chronic form. Example – disorders in the cardiovascular system, due to which the genitals are poorly supplied with blood. Treatment of impotence in men after 50 is most often associated with organic symptoms of aging.
  • Psychogenic originates from your internal clamps and worries. This response is a combination of psychology and anatomy and resembles the reflex mechanism – a specific stimulus triggers a specific response. If you had a traumatic incident once, it can happen again in similar circumstances.
  • The mixed type combines the causes of impotence described above. This is the most common type, because physiological problems are always followed by psychological difficulties. And vice versa – the body responds sensitively to thoughts and feelings. The systems can’t exist without each other, they need to be treated in a complex way.

Symptoms and signs of impaired potency

The main symptom is obvious: lack of erection. All other signs of impotence are variations on this theme. To determine if you have a problem, answer the questions:

  1. Is there sexual desire at all?
  2. Does the penis respond to sexual stimuli? Even a slight “wiggle” counts;
  3. When the penis stands up in response to some action – does it increase in size completely?
  4. If not, is it enough for sex?
  5. If yes – does ejaculation occur?
  6. If no – is it because the erection disappears during sex, or you just can’t cum?

The questions are arranged by the severity of the condition – the further down the list you go, the sadder things are. How sad they have to be to finally get ready to go to the doctor – only you decide. For a reasonable visit, even just a missing erection in the morning is enough.

Another important point is the changes in the dynamics. Always make adjustments to your own norm. More often than not, problems occur in those who have sex too often or too infrequently. In the first case, it takes more time and effort to get the penis into a “fighting” state due to body exhaustion. In the second case, on the contrary – the body has been preparing for a long time and has accumulated a huge amount of resources, they are uncontrollably rushing into battle, and everything ends too quickly. To avoid problems, you can buy special preparations at