About Get Green Remodeling

Get Green Remodeling Inc was founded to increase the comfort, health and energy efficiency of homes in San Diego. Our goal is to make your home safer, more comforatable all while reducing your energy bills! So many homes were built inefficiently throughout the years, and with the proper assessment, changes can be made so home function as intended. Retrofitting a home for optimum performance can go a long way toward reducing our impact on the local, regional and global level. Together we can all make changes to improve and strive to be better.

Efficiency is logical, practical and just makes plain sense. The environment, and the world we live in, should be in balance. As a company we strive to be sustainable in building practice; efficient in design and application; and educational to homeowners.

Our process is turnkey. We can take a client through the analysis of their home and how it functions as a system, what steps and goals are needed to bring the home within optimum efficiency and the ability to bring the goals to life. We are the complete Home Performance Contracto. We are RETROFITTING HOMES FOR ENERGY PERFORMANCE!

Get Green Remodeling was founded in 2008 to be a leader in Southern California home performance contracting. We are a BBB Accredited Contractor and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Accredited Contractor. We hold certifications as BPI-Building Analyst’s and BPI-Multi-Family Analysts.

We look forward to the opportunity to help your home Get Green!

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